Funken fuer Kids im Museum

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On March 29, 2020 the Fuerth Radio Museum  is running its annual project "Amateur Radio for KIDS AT THE MUSEUM" starting from the Fuerth Radio Museum ( The purpose of this project is to attract public attention for Ham Radio and to encourage young children and students to take up Amateur Radio as a hobby.
All Amateur Radio Stations located in Museums or operating from Museums are invited to participate in this activity. The event will include activities on the 2m and 70cm bands in FM and via Echolink, Node No.422274  (Repeater DB0EBA). Kids operating in these modes will be able to make calls from DN3NBW training station or via DK0JTA and set up contacts to other stations operating from museums. This activity is planned to take place all over Germany, possibly from Austrian and Swiss museum stations as well.
All other operators are also invited to contact the Museum Stations.

We are asking YOU to TAKE PART on March 29, 2020!

The time will be from 9.00 till 16.00 UTC and we will call "CQ CQ CQ Funken fuer Kids, Funken fuer Kids from DN3NBW" (or ) .

Participating Kids will be awarded a certificate and and get a chance to build a morse sound generator or a similar small electronic device.
Newcomers to Ham Radio will receive additional information material. For further questions or info please contact:

Michael Walter, DL3NBW,
Sternwarte 6a
91338 Igensdorf, Germany


Rundfunkmuseum der Stadt Fuerth

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